Death is often an uncomfortable topic for many people but everyone will do it. A green burial is an affordable and environmentally friendly burial

Planning the end of your life can be scary, strange, and confusing. Navigating the funeral industry without solid information and knowledge of how the process works and can be a very daunting process.

Don’t get ripped off! Save money and the environment by considering a green burial.  Plus the closure you’ll receive will provide peace of mind and you get to care for your loved one if you wish.

We talk about

  • What is a Green Burialgreen burial
  • legalities of green burials
  • Why decline embalming
  • Burial Vault or grave liner – NOT!
  • Cliff-hanging coffins
  • Tibetian sky burials
  • Death Cafes
  • Home funerals
  • Eco or bio-cremation
  • The process of the body decomposing

Funeral expenses in the United States average more than $10,000. And every year conventional funerals bury millions of tons of wood, concrete, and metals, as well as millions of gallons of carcinogenic embalming fluid. There is a better way, and Elizabeth Fournier, affectionately dubbed the “Green Reaper,” walks you through it, step-by-step. She provides comprehensive and compassionate guidance, covering everything from green burial planning and home funeral basics to legal guidelines and outside-the-box options, such as burials at sea. Fournier points the way to green burial practices that consider both the environmental well-being of the planet and the economic well-being of loved ones.