Processed food and fast foods are killing you! Eliminate toxins to get healthy now!

Our health coach Cheryl Meyer tells us how processed and fast foods are a danger to our health

Are you trying to lose weight? Been diagnosed with a disease which is zapping your health? This podcast is for you.

We talk about

  • Chemicals in processed and fast food
  • Why if you can’t pronounce it, don’t heat it is a healthy strategy
  • Importance of cooking real food at home
  • How to have healthy food with you at all times
  • The many forms of MSG a known health killer
  • What is a natural flavor really
  • Soy Sauce- it i not what you think
  • The 7 dangers of fast food
  • What is really in a McDonald’s strawberry milkshake
  • If you knew what is in a chicken nugget you may never eat another
Get Over It! Podcast health muse Cheryl Meyer

What can you eat if fast food and processed foods are unhealthy?


The simple answer is food that you cook yourself in your own kitchen. By cooking at home you control the ingredients and the taste of your food. What you say… you can’t cook? There are numerous companies which supply the ingredient and instructions for cooking your food at home. They provide a step by step process and the finished meal is delicious! Just be sure to check if organic ingredients are used.

As far a no time to cook. If you have an hour to watch a television show, you have an hour to cook. The beauty if you can take a weekend day and cook for an entire week. So that is approximately four hours on a Saturday or Sunday where you cook nutritious food and snacks for entire week. The payoff is a healthier body, increased energy, and you know what you are putting into your system.